Friday, March 06, 2009


Yippee - the booking was made last year - for non foodies I know it will sound incredibly decadent - like we are imposters who haven't been watching our peenies and trying to get back as much aas we possibly can on Hannah's private ST sessions - still - Dinner at Tetsuyas - I can't wait!

It used to be a little byo restaurant within walking distance of where we lived - and even then expensive - I think it was about $80 or so... now he has moved to swanky surrounds, the price has gone up and bookings have a cancellation fee - but oh my - the food!! Bliss.

I think I am lucky to have somewhat flush friends who are foodies - as they organise outings like this one for this weekend - last time we went there was well before the twins were born so maybe 7 years of so.


Cate said...

I think sometimes a big special treat is called for. Why not?

Have fun. And report back what you had. I love food stories.

jotcr2 said...

Sounds super.