Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love books

Spent far too much money on Amazon.com recently - but what a lovley parcel that should be arriving at my door in time for the school holidays - these two are at the top of my 'can't wait' list:
I also got Pearl S Buck The Girl who Never Grew and the Elephant in the Playroom. I was going to get Chris Burke's book and a language skills int he classroom but my credit wouldn't extend that far - next time!


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Christina said...

Hey, I know those two guys;)

I have been meaning to tell you FOREVER, but we have this Wiggle Around the World movie, and everytime we watch I think of you guys. During the Taba Nabu song, or whatever it is called there is this kid who just reminds me SO much of Kit. If you have it, you have to watch it, he is sitting in the front row :)

Hugs fr Austria

Blog editor said...

The Chris Bourke is in the DS NSW library Shelley - just email library@dsansw.org.au, and Kathi will send it to you for a month.