Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swimming Lessons

The brats love their swimming lessons at the local pool. I started them there last year in Tadpoles. Kit has since been promoted to frogs. The instructors have a lovely gentle manner with kids and while I sometimes think that if I put Han in the specal needs class with a 1-1 instructor she would be able to become a 'frog' more quickly - I like the chance to just let her have fun with a small group of kids. They both cope very well with not being in the same class which i hope will help them in kindy as they are unlikely to be int he same class and then later on when Han may have to go to ta diffeerent school from Kit. Before Han can become a frog she has to demosntrate a set of particular water skills. One is floating on her back as a star for the count of 3 - she can do it but she loves the game so much that she often rolls back over after '2' in anticipation of seeing the instructors face go "Aww hannah! - 3!" Don't know what they can do about that one!

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Tommy's mommy said...

I'm always THRILLED to see your photos of your BEAUTIFUL kids doing so well. It gives me hope for our twins future.