Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Open Days

Well hello - for a while there the 'm' key on the laptop died - it made posting anything rather difficult!

Today is the first of a string of primary school open days that I am going to. Hmm. What am I looking for?? I haven't done this before. Basically I am going to be looking at the glossy face of each school and trying to discern a very important piece of information - will this place be the right one for the twins to begin their formal schooling at.

Today it is Russell Lea Infants - this one hadn't been on my radar but a couple of mums (one who has a younger child with DS)has said that it is great. The principal 'fantastic'. The next one only occurred to me yesterday when another mum was saying it WASN"T the school for her little one - apparently the Kindy teacher has a Montessori approach. It is the Catholic school from my inlaws parish - not far from us and I tend to go there for mass once a month when my own church has mass in Italian. I quite liked their handbook which I looked up on the net although I can't stand that fake must have 'normal' ordinary haidrstyles blah blah blah stuff that 'old fashioned' schools go on with - surely they should consider the child within? (and rely on the commonsense of parents?).

Then I thought I'd best go to the open day for the Catholic special school that EVERYONE raves about - even though it is about a 45min drive from home. There is another local girl who already goes there so they could share a car. And FINALLY (I hope) our local catholic school. The PP insists on the families being regular members of HIS parish church - not a problem for us as we do go there 3/4 of the time. At last year's open day I was impressed with the Assistant Principal (who has now left ...).

So what is my checklist?
Welcoming of Hannah. Willing to do their best to accommodate her needs. Some support or expertise available for her eduction.
Pleasant environment. Grounds for playing. Music, sport and dance opportunities. Parent involvement in the school (I"d like to help with reading recovery or Multilit).
Not too many OTT requirements about being a 'good catholic' - even though I think I am one!!lol!
Preferably local. Good activities and excursions. A teaching team that works well together - how do I find that out? A principal that promotes inclusion. A way of challenging Kit - just in case his grandparents are righht and he is gifted and talented!!lol!!!
A strong literacy and numeracy program for Han. A good science program for the boy. Peers that are positive with minimal bullying.

How do I find out all these things?? Wish my intuitive radar luck - it's going to be working overtime for the next 5 weeks.

I should add that I am very happy with the twins' preschool - however the attached school has a special needs unit - Hannah probably won't quyalify for it yet I worry that in the playground she will be linked to those kids - and hence won't end up anywhere really [funny enough - that is probably her schooling future anyway] a 'special needs kid in the regular class - and all the adults waitinga round for her to 'fail' so she can be moved to where support is more adequate - hence my plan to go have a look at this special school while I am at it.

THANK YOU - A HUGE thanks to the lovely Joy form Sheena Times - we are going to meet and greet the Wiggles when we see them next month - Hannah is going to LOVE it!

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Little Miss E said...

They have gotten so big! Where has the time go? They were supposed to stop growing when I stopped reading blogs. That was the rule! OMG, they're like little people! So cute, but so big!!