Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting ready to party


School holidays are here - YAY!!!
That means that srping is well and truly here. When I walked to my car yesterday afternoon I could smell wattle in the air. In our backyard you can smell the jasmine that is growing like a weed over next doors shed. I have finished marking for a few weeks and can start focusing on my uni assignment - an article review on social skills and inclusion in preschools - interesting stuff. It is a long weekend here so the twins will have their papa home on Monday which I know they will love. The only real drawback that I can see is that daylight savings hasn't kicked in yet so it gets light here early which means no chance of the kids sleeping in for a while.

Work is well under way for the brats' garden party (now isn't that a fancy way of saying backyard do?). We painted our egg cartons and put pipecleaner feelers on our caterpillars, we made a couple of flowers as seen with their creators in the pics above, we have planted a few 'bloomers' in the empty spots - the twins have a poppy each - they are keen to see what colour the flowers will be - and some marigolds. The veges are all looking good - especially the tomatoes and the lettuces. I have just about bought all their gifts as well as some bubbles to go in the lolly bags. Invitations are mostly out - a few still to deliver. We need to make a giant butterfly for the front of the house to go with our caterpillars and balloons - on track - it should be a fun afternoon for everyone.

The twins have also been practising their afternoon tea skills. Hannah is learning to 'cut':


Nicole said...

I hope the party is awesome! So funny to think of you starting Spring and us starting fall. :) HUGS from the States to your darling kiddos!

Michelle said...

oh it sounds like things are coming together for the party! Sounds like it is going to be such fun, and they are making the cutest crafts for their party too!

Beth said...

Hi Shelley!
Your twins are getting so grown-up looking. It's kind of sad that they're officially not babies anymore, huh? 3 sounds kinda big!
Hugs all around

Alice said...

thanks for your message on my blog. So glad you enjoyed the pictures - it's been a really fun project so far - we're just trying out best now to make sure that it's actually led by the young people - and we artists don't get too carried away with trying to do it ourselves!
Love Hannah's outfit btw. Alice