Monday, September 03, 2007

Georgia's Smile II

I don't know Georgia but I do know that smile he's singing about ...
Georgia’s Smile
Watching your brother, watching your sister
running down the hill, legs move faster
Sound of laughter, you’re all three sheets to the wind
and I look across at your mother she is all lit up like a child
there is nothing here more beautiful, Georgia when you smile

You fell into the hard world with all your charm
I forgot to notice you
All my hopes and expectations vanished from my view
and I stumbled to get your measure but you captured me in style
there is nothing here more beautiful than Georgia when you smile

Well you think you’ve got this so worked out
till something knocks you off your feet
You find yourself all adrift when these two currents meet
And you think that you’ve been cursed and you ask the big questions why??
I think I’ve been blessed Georgia when you smile

By Phil Davidson

1 comment:

Michelle said...

and what a beautiful smile she has!