Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still here

Yup. Still here. Life has been pretty hectic - with major assignments needing to be marked BEFORE the end of term and a uni assignment due soon plus a party to organise. I ahve been visiting blogs but in a few snatched moments so I haven't commented on many I'm afraid. Still I was pretty excited to see Michelle's bump - looking good!!

Here are some pics as despite being so busy I still do manage to play witht he brats and they are growing and learning and being their usual gorgeous terrible selves.

P had his joint 40th dinner - with a guy he has been close friends with since they were about 5 I think - he is godfather to the twins. We had a house swap with the inlaws - they stayed at our house with the 5 grandkids and we stayed at their house with none! What a bargain. It was a really nice night as we got to catch up with some friends we havent' seen in a while. Then just this weekend passed the grandparents stepped up yet again - this time the twins stayed the night at their house so P and I could go to Hannah's EI trivia night fundraiser - P is treasurer so we were there quite late - it raised (we think) almost 24 000 - that is nealry twice as much as last year!! Whoo Hoo!!!
Yes Hannah likes to dress herself ...
and Kit's still playing guitar ...
(the orange pliars are meant to be his capo).

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Michelle said...

the kids look like they've grown up again overnight!