Monday, September 03, 2007

Water Wars


more ammo
Hannah, Kit and I made these freddo cupcakes - Kit saw me setting the dining table for afternoon tea and wanted to set up one of his own for his friends or the other kids that were coming
The clean up before our friends arrivedand so the water wars continued on an even grander scale ... thank goodness we are allowed to water the gardens on Sunday.


Michelle said...

Now THAT looks like a fun way to spend the day!

Nicole said...

They are so cute! I just love her hair, she is beautiful!!

Camille said...

I always enjoy looking at your photo galery!!! We also make mud pies, only Emma sits right into the puddles while making them. Sorry, no photos, I couldn't run inside to get the camera. She ran, back and forth between 2 puddles that were about 20 feet apart, for at least half an hour!!!
You and I are creating great memories!!!