Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who's Wallace?
Finally I get to post a photo to rival Mauzy's Musings. My inlaws have a student staying with them while she does her final teaching practicum. She brought this shirt for Kit and a soccer one for Hannah. I guess you all know where she hails from.

I have to say that I really enjoy Hannah's EI playgroup. Obviously she is the cutest one there but that is not why. It is because everyone has such fun! Kit loves it - he is participates in the same activities as the others and receives the same praise (he is a great role model for them in fact). Hannah laughs and tries to copy what is happening, the other little ones have fun too, the parents and therapists chat - about the weather, our kids, anything really - it is a lovely way to spend the morning. Today Hannah's PT dropped in - she hasn't seen Hannah so far this year as she focuses on the babies so I was able to show off Hannah and ask her for some ideas to help Hannah strengthen her hips because she really wants to jump but her hula hips are a major obstacle. We have had an offer on the house - unfortunately it is a reasonable offer but not quite enough for what we need. If we accepted it then the buyer would be getting a bargain but we would not have enough for the size of place we need to buy. SIGH! It is so stressful - I hate it - I wish she'd have offered $25 000 more. The housing market is just crazy here - so unpredictable it is hard to know what to do but I don't think we are being greedy. Fingers crossed someone comes up with the money.


Em said...

What did the PT say about the jumping? When G was three she was desperate to jump so we bough a little & v. low trampoline from Target and it worked like a dream. After month G was jumping on the trampoline and a few months after that she could jump on the ground.

Just an idea :)

Mauzy said...

Who is Wallace? Just ask Ron Artest! LOL

Michelle said...

This is Wallace: http://www.nba.com/playerfile/ben_wallace/index.html?nav=page


How nice that she brought shirts over for the twins! Kit sure looks styling in his basketball jersey!

Sounds like a fun EI playgroup; good luck with the house-selling!

Shelley said...

Thank you ladies I knew that you'd be able to help a sports no-idea like me out. Michelle your link was far more helpful than cruel Mauzy giving me ANOTHER name to find out about! Still I did enjoy the associated contraversy and I guess I should say that those Indiana Pacers seem a wild bunch!

Em - the EI team have a low trampoline with a handle bar on it that I will try and borrow although I think one of the other mums has already asked for it over the break. Other suggestions were getting her balancing on one foot - eg stepping stones games and helping her 'bend' and jump from a low step. Will see how it goes - her hips are very loose but she is a determined little monkey and she really wants to jump with the kids in her jitterbugs music class.

jotcr2 said...

Glad the playgroup is working out well. I find it exhausting. 2 hours of full-on play. I have to go to work afterwards, and its a busy day. Sheena loves it, however, so its great.

mum2brady said...

The hokey pokey is what really worked to help Brady stand on one foot :) He loves that song LOL

Can't help you with jumping, as Brady still hasn't quite mastered it yet. He gets some good air on the way up on the tramp, but chooses to land on his hiney instead of his feet ;) He's a champ at doing it in the tub too - makes great tidal waves ;) I'm going to look into that little tramp by some company that makes music and counts and stuff when you jump - hopefully that will motivate my boy :)

The twins look darling in their jerseys - they are getting sooo big!!!!