Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tea for T21 - World Down Syndrome Day
Three years ago I knew very little about Down Syndrome and I don't think I even knew what Trisomy 21 was. I was 2 months pregnant with twins. One month later we found out that Twin 1 had a hole in her heart and that this type of problem was very common in babies with Down Syndrome.

Today, despite the out of sync date on this post, is 21/3/07 (reverse for US!). Down syndrome means that my darling Twin 1 has 3 not 2 copies of chromosome 21. Yes I now know what Trisomy 21 is and I know an amazing lot more about Down Syndrome.

It is World Down Syndrome Day and a bit like a person who has 'seen the light', I want to celebrate the difference that Down Syndrome and its prescence in Hannah has made in our lives. It is a special day for our family. One set aside to particularly help raise awareness in a world where not everyone understands just what it means and consequently can sometimes make hurtful, ignorant and cruel comments or actions about people like 'that'.

Down Syndrome has its challenges. More so for Hannah than for us - I watch her persistence in grabbing life. In being a typical toddler despite her loose joints and her delayed speech development. I see her teach her little brother (her twin) the joy of laughter, the sublime of the ridiculous. I see her gentleness bring out nurturing and patience in her cousins. I see her endless soul in her eyes and her smile. I have been blessed by DS and I hope that everyone who meets my Hannah is not too blind to see the wonder of Hannah - a gorgeous little girl with an extra chromosome.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day Hannah - may the gift of difference be truly appreciated by everyone. You have certainly enriched our lives.


Michelle said...

what a beautiful, beautiful post! I loved everything you had to say! I'm so thankful for "finding" you and the twins! I'm thankful Hannah is here with her twin!

A year or more ago I was lurking on a message board where a woman who was pg w/boy/girl twins found out the girl had Ds and she tx the girl, but carried the boy to term (well had to carry both babies till birth actually) and I cried for that unborn child. How very sad to grow up w/out his twin.

I just love seeing your two together!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Christina said...

Great post, and happy WDSD!
I am convinced that we are all spreading awareness. I am all excited about today, how cool one extra chromosome can be after all :-)

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy World Down Syndrome Day.


~Melissa~ said...

Happy WDSD (a bit late) Thank you so much for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful family!