Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hannah's IEP

We had Hannah's IEP this morning. It was nice to 'tick off' the goals from last year's one. The special ed teacher and the speech therapist were there. I have't got a copy yet as it needs to be 'prettied' up a bit and they want to check a couple of things with the OT and PT to refine those objectives but the key points are as follows:

Gross motor - increasing difficulty of climbing challenges - the little brat is very keen to climb - and prepare for jumping - this is no doubt still far away but this morning she was trying so hard to 'bounce' with both feet ont he floor or lifting one foot off and then laughing and saying 'more' that I want to try and give her some better help in achieving this goal. Also upper body work.

Fine motor - continue selfdressing (she likes trying this) and investigate 'threading' activities - will run that past OT. Also check with OT re a 'good' tricycle as little brat would love one! Continue drawing horizontal, vertical lines and circles.

Communication - encourage greater vocalisations - words and letters. Foster this across settings as Hannah often says two word utterances at home but not really at EI or childcare.

Preliteracy skills - she is competent at the 9 piece lotto game and ready to move on to black and white shapes lotto and then family names ...

Distinguish 4 primary colours (she can do 2 and sometimes 3 now) in different settings.

Numeracy - counting to 5 using books, objects, fingers.

SO the list of areas to work on and goals to achieve is significantly longer than her last IEP but I feel good about that - there are some goals in there that will really challenge her (and us!).

Getting it out of my system:
Warning - self indulgent post coming up.

I hate conflict - probably because I am so bad at it. Took the twins to a cafe set in a corner of a off leash dog park today. I used to take them there all the time when they were smaller. We were sitting at the tables having our morning tea. A number of large dogs were hanging around - not misbehaving but sniffing food and becuase of their size their heads were pretty much table height. No problems - it is a park for dogs too - we ignored them or gently tried to move them away from our table if they were too persistent in pursuit of food. Along came a lovely golden lab - wet and smelly from the canal. We used tactics as before with her. She moved around and grabbed a piece of cake straight from Kit's hand on the table very lightly nipping him in the process. He started to cry. I put Hannah down from my lap and picked him up. With the side of my leg I nudge the dog away.

A voice yells over 'Don't you dare kick my dog! It's a dog park you know. '
"I didn't kick your dog"I call back.
" I saw you! blah blah blah" She comes over to get her hound who is still hanging around our table. I'm cuddling Kit and trying to calm him by saying 'shh, shh'. The irate and now I realise quite crazy dog owner storms over saying 'Don't you sh me!!!' at which point I confess I yelled 'Get F***!' and said no more to her although now of course I am so annoyed with myself for not handling it better. She got the last word/s walking away chastising me for swearing in front of the children. I left about 20 minutes later and as I walked by she was still loudly talking about 'its a dog park!' to other dog owners.

Me? I came home and cried. I hate confrontation. I hate that I yelled and swore at her. I hate that she was so agressive. I hate that I couldn't put my side to her - that I wasn't able to 'broker' a deal. I love dogs - I love the off leash park (or rather Stella does) but I really feel that it is not unreasonable to want some attempt to control the dog at least from the owner - after all if I take the twins to their 'off leash equivalent' the playground I try and 'control' them - if for some reason there was an altercation with another child I would try and settle it like a grown up but then again after my performance today maybe I would just be one of those psycho mums yelling obsenities - God I hope not!

Cie la vie the off leash for a while - I need some recovery time from a morning ruined by 'dog rage'.


Cate said...

If my dog stole a piece of cake from a child I would be mortified. She should have apologized and bought him another cake. Clearly she's a nut.

Things like that get to me, too. I never handle them the way I should.

In better news, the IEP sounds great. Lots to do! And bouncing Hannah is adorable.

~Melissa~ said...

I hate confrontation too - she sounds like a complete nut!

The IEP sounds like it went really well!

Michelle said...

Just because it's a leash free park doesn't give dogs the right to go taking food out of children's hands! My goodness! I hate confrontation too, but this lady deserved it!

Sounds like Hannah's doing just great with her IEP goals!

Jen said...

Crazy dog lady, ruining everybody's good time.

My post from today also laments my distate for confrontation, so I feel your pain. I never handle it well at all. I think you did great...profanity was called for in this case, and hey, at least you didn't cry in front of the bi--- (I mean, lady).

Christina said...

I would have kicked the dog... not b/c I am mean to animals, but because he bit my kid. So maybe you snapped, but it was because your kid was crying, you had another kid on your lap, and an annoying lady with a smelly dog next to you. Anyone would have snapped.

Camille said...

Shelley, how I wish I could hug you right now! I've had confrontations too and no, they are not comfortable, but sadly, they are sometime inevitable. I once told F Y to a Fair worker who would not let Emma on any ride because she would not wear the bracelet on her arm. He told me 3 times: no bracelet, no ride. Each time I tried to explain to him that she did not understand and did not tolerate the bracelet on her arm. After 3 strikes I gave up and yelled F-Y, got a refund for my bracelets (that lady wanted to know which staff treated us like that but it was too late I just wanted to be home), cried all through the fair grounds while pushing Emma's stroller and went home, my day ruined. No, I was not happy with myself. Then I realized that guy was around 20 and did exactly what his boss told him to do and he did not know how to use his own judgement to deal with exceptions... Still, very frustrating...So yes, I do feel your frustration and yes, you reacted like most mothers would, Hey, I know from across the world that you are a great person!!! Here's my hug xoxox