Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We went to the Lifestart (Han's EI provider) picnic on Sunday. It was a good day - a chance to catch up with parents and children who attend EI on different days to us. P and I were chatting to some other parents and Kit and Hannah got tired of waiting for the 'picnic' to begin. So Kit got the picnic balnket and set it up under a tree. Then he and Hannah sat down and helped themselves to the food I'd packed - first they opened the container with eggs and ate them, then the container with watermelon in it and then the biscuits. How civilised is that? The brats had a ball - Hannah even passed on a chocolate muffin to keep climbing this piece of equipment with the spiral slide.

PS Will hopefully be getting the camera repaired soon so that should fix the quality of the photoes - can't do much about the photographer's skill though I'm afraid. Lucky the subjects are so photogenic.


jotcr2 said...

Great pics. The camera seems to work better outside. Still glad you've posted the blurry ones though. I noticed that you have an interest in the deaf community. Is that to do with Hannah's DS or is that because of something else. Just curious.

Shelley said...

I have an older sister who is profoundly deaf. She also has partial sight and had heart surgery when she was a baby in the 1960s. She was a 'rubella baby'. Deb is a three years older than me and as a child I have strong memories of us playing together - we shared a room and were very close (despite the fact that she was sent to boarding school at 3 - there were still school holidays and she changed schools when we were all still in primary - she ended up going to the 'special school' in Brisbane). We used to 'race' against each other to sign the alphabet - and I even won sometimes! As teenagers her isolation and frustration created many difficulties for the whole family but my interest in deafness and in deaf culture was set by then. In the early 1990s I did an intro to the deaf community course with a view to learning Auslan at Tafe (for use as a teacher or as an interpreter). I didn't end up studying it due to other curcumstances. I toyed with the idea of fostering hearing impaired children but never have (yet). As adults my sister and I share a close relationship that is a mixture of our loving childhood and our difficult teen years - much of this I attribute to her and our experience of disability. She is married with 3 children and lives in Albury and yes I miss seeing her regularly. So that is where my interest in 'deafies' comes from yes it certainly makes signing with Hannah easier and feel more 'natural'.