Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Music has always been important in my life. As a child I was raised on 1950s pop music and country music (Australian and US). As a teenager I dsicovered the world of Indie Aus Rock and spent as many nights as possible listening to local bands in pubs. As an adult I have explored more classical, blues and jazz music. As a parent I have discovered the WIggles and Patsy Biscoe etc. My husband is just as bad as I and loves a variety of music styles. Particular songs forma strong connection to memeories and events for us. Well with that background it is no wonder that the twins look like also developing a passion for music. Today is music therapy day and as a warm up the brats took to their instruments and let rip with their favourite songs - Twinkle, Twinkle; If You're Happy and You Know It ... and Open Shut Them.


Anonymous said...

Oh these are great pictures!

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - I love the pics! Brady just loves music - he'd love to add his drums to yours ;) He plays the Wiggle Guitar pretty well too - can we come play????

The Imperfect Christian said...

How sweet! My kids LOVE open them/shut them!

Beth said...

How cute!
Jude and Simon love to "dance" to music. For Simon, this is swaying from side to side and for Jude it is bouncing up and down. They are quite a pair!
Your two look so curious and into everything. How old are they now?
I'm thinking they are a little older than our guys.

Michelle said...

What great pics! Kayla really enjoyed when we were going to Kindermusik classes, but now there's not an instructor in our area anymore ... bummer!