Thursday, August 10, 2006

SHE DID IT!!!!! YAY!!!!!
At 21 months my gorgeous little girl is now standing on her own!!! Hooray!

Doesn't she know that she has done something special?

SO ... I raced out and got an easel even though we have absoltuely nowhere to put it in our tiny home ...

I have started doing the Hanen programme - for communication with children experiencing a communication delay. It has been good so far. I am having some trouble classifying Hannah's communication style though as at first I thought she was more like a 'reluctant' communicater but she is very enthusiastic in her responses - now I am considering 'sociable' communicator - I think it is more that it is hard for her to initiate more often with Kit and I going a hundred miles an hour all the time so the poor darling actually does pretty well I think!

Case in point - I have been noticing her initiating activities - just in the past two days - she began a game of 'throw the plastic Nemo' in the bath to Kit (and a healthy game of catch ensued) and 'chase Kit around the tub' - so perhaps Kit and I need to give her more of a chance to initiate and her social communication style might get a chance to shine!

Have been 'owling' furiously and letting her lead with great results - it is good because it makes you stop and notice how you and the little ones communicate. We are due for a video feedback session which of course I am dreading - I have to think of an activity that will enable Hannah to strut her very respectable vocab of at least 50 words/signs - I am thinking of a book - she LOVES Where is the Green Sheep? - or perhaps the felt board that came as part of the easel as it was a huge hit tonight - we'll have to practise a bit more though I think.

The twins had a day at home with Dad recently - he (their father) made his first cake ever - with a little help form his babies. It was pretty good!


Beth said...

Yay Hannah!

50 words/signs!!! That is amazing!What is this communication system you referred to? I haven't heard of that.

mum2brady said...

awwww - look at the cake pic - what fun!!!

What is Hanen? I'd love to know more about it!

Hannah is too cute - I can just imagine her and Kit chasing around the tub - so fun!!!

Michelle said...

Yay Hannah!!! How awsome for you to reach this milestone - and look at the look of accomplishment on her face! WTG

Shelley said...

I will write more about Hanen when I can - it is based on a book put out by the Hanen Centre - in US somewhere - the speech pathologist at Hannah's EI is running a course in it - I have been to two sessions and will continue being involved in the course until the end of the year. Thanks for your comments - I had to brag - we are so pleased with little brat's determination - she is going through one of those 'spurts' that they get at the moment - and we are loving it!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Hannah!!!!