Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rebecca tagged me ...

The Pizza box meme

1. What was your favorite thing about being a kid?

Being so oblivious to the daily drudgery that adults can get so caught up with! I loved living in my own fantasy world safe in the knowledge that my parents loved me unconditionally.

2. What was your favorite subject in school?

English – and not just because it was the class where I became friends with my husband!

3. Who was your best friend when you were 10?

Carolyn Whelan – she was a great friend but we grew apart after High School and I have no idea what she is up to now.

4. If you could be any animal what would you be?

My poodle. She has a great life – sleeps on my bed most days, regular walks in the park and most nights she curls up next to my husband to share in a midnight treat of biscuits or marshmallows – and she isn’t overweight!

5. What would you change about your school, occupation, life right now?

If it were possible…I would get rid of my paid job – or else find one that requires no after hours work but pays the same!

6. What's your favorite color?

Green. All shades but especially a lovely warm sea green.

7. What's your favorite type of crust and topping on a pizza?

Thin crust – Napoli pizza –cheese, olives, anchovies, oregano and basil – simple but delicious!

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mum2brady said...

Yum - your pizza sounds nummy - well - except for the anchovies LOLOL

I enjoyed all your answers :) I had poodles growing up and loved them :)