Sunday, July 30, 2006

Brady tagged the twins so here goes:

3 things that scare us
Hannah: Nothing! Fearless – that is what scares my Mum.
Kit: Nan’s vacuum, the vestibulator at Hannah’s EI, the dark sometimes

3 people that make me laugh
Hannah: most people make me laugh but especially Kit, Mum and Dad.
Kit: Hannah makes me laugh the most, also Mum when she is being silly and our dog Stella when I play fetch with her.

3 things we love
Hannah: my family, food and music
Kit: my family, home corner, and books.

3 things we dislike
Hannah: Mum leaving me in the morning at childcare, noisy crowds, Those squishy balls with ‘tentacles’ on them – yucky.
Kit: any eggs other than boiled, most music that isn’t Patsy Biscoe, Not getting my own way.

3 things we don’t understand
Hannah: Why I can’t have my own way all the time, Where Mum goes when she leaves us, How to balance on just two legs
Kit: Why I can’t have my own way all the time, Why I can’t eat sweets whenever I want, Why I have to share everything

3 things on our floor
Soft toys thrown out of bed in the mornings, toys and more toys

3 things we are doing right now
Hannah: trying to stand, playing with cars, laughing at Kit
Kit: making ‘hot tea’; going to the shops, playing with Hannah,

3 things we can do
Hannah: Draw a line or two, Complete the (approximate) actions to my favourite songs (Open Shut Them, and If you are Happy and you Know it …), hide things in special places!
Kit: say and sign many words – including full three word phrases, help mix the ingredients for cakes, make Mum and Dad smile

3 things we can’t do
Hannah: walk, put my hair in a pony tail, stay cranky for long
Kit: climb out of bed, play the guitar, stay up all night

3 ways to describe our personalities
Hannah: happy, determined, mischievious
Kit: independent, caring, curious

3 things we think you should listen to
Hannah: Me! Music, and stories
Kit: Me, Me and Patsy Biscoe

3 things you should never listen to
Hannah: bad attitudes, negative people, and the word “No”
Kit: Anyone who disagrees with me, music that isn’t Patsy Biscoe, and vacuum cleaner noises

3 absolute favourite foods
Hannah: Toast, Mandarins, Eggs
Kit: Cake, Banana, Tiny teddy biscuits

3 things I’d like to learn
Hannah: to walk, to sing, to work the remotes
Kit: to play guitar, to climb higher, to bake the cake myself

3 Beverages we drink
Hannah: Milk, Mum’s cocktail of prune and pear juice diluted with water, baby panadol
Kit: Milk, juice (diluted but definitely no prune juice!), more milk.

3 shows we watch on occasion
Hannah: Wiggles, Nemo, Slideshows of Kit and Hannah
Kit: Nemo, Nemo, Nemo

In return the twins would love to hear about the twins
Simon and Jude (Not That You Asked) and the lovely Emma (Simply Camille). You’ve been tagged.


Michelle said...

The twins did great on their answers :)

Kayla really likes Nemo too and I think Daddy lets her watch it a little too much!

mum2brady said...

Kit and Hannah - you guys are awesome! Loved all your answers!!! Hee hee on Hannah not being afraid of anything - she looks like an adventurous girl, for sure!!!

Beth said...

Thanks for tagging us! We had a few minutes tonight, so we answered the questions!

Simon & Jude

Camille said...

Shelley, This tagging game is a lot of fun. You can now check my blog... Oh and by the way, I tagged Betsy...

Love your music post!!!