Friday, June 02, 2006

Eyes ... Ecstasy ... Joy ... Friendship ... Laughter ... Soul ... Terror ... Faith ... Love ... Fun ... Risk ... Compassion ... Hope ... Support ... Grace ... Rewards ...

These are some of the lessons I have learned in the past two years. To lose myself in others without thought or expectations and with no regrets whatsoever - how bright is life with you two in it - intensely satisfying (and all this while in a state of fairly consistent near exhaustion!).

You are there in all my thoughts and interactions making the world seem sweeter. Troubles are given an automatic perspective - not that I don't care anymore - I do - in some ways more than before - but only now about the things that really matter. I want to do my best for you and so I realise that it is you two pintsized brats who control me - I surrender!

Your essence is there in my journey of faith too - never have I felt such anger at God, never such joyous thanks either. The poignant wonder that is the miracle of you two - being mine. I wonder if our friends think that you have changed us? Your two parents - always happy to be together now so freely have we expanded our lives to encompass yours. The joy must be there on our faces. The core of our being has shifted. The world has a sharper focus, us a softer gaze.

Thank you.

A corny post I know but what else was I to be thinking about when I had two and a half hours of exam supervision in a row! Words don't do justice to the way my twins make me feel. I still sometimes find it hard to believe that they are so very beautiful and that they are ours. God bless them always.

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Tasty said...

Not at all corny! Wonderful and a family to be respected and admired!