Sunday, June 11, 2006

June Long Weekend - For the Queen's birthday.

Sport Sport Sport - I can hardly believe it - I even found myself creating an imitation soccer game with Kit in the bath using ducks as players and a couple of soft balls. The rugby is on tv at the moment and before the night is over the World Cup will be on. Phil is very excited as the local bowlo is having a 'sausages and sauerkraut' night in honour of Australia's first game against Japan. Me? I can't stand sport! Of course as an adult I can see that it has intrinsic value and have already reached an agreement with the twin's Dad that he will be responsible for their future sporting activities - I am even looking forward to it in some weird sort of way but Lordy to watch endless games on TV? No thanks.

My mother made a gorgeous smocked dress for Hannah but was not able to finish off the hand sewing so I have finally finished it off tonight. It will look great on her - hopefully she will still fit into it when she is walking as it will look even better then. Today we went into town and I got the brats a couple of winter outfits in the sales. I baked a cake this afternoon - I am still very much a novice but this simple chocolate ripple number turned out quite well. One of our best friends came over for afternoon tea so really the cake was in her honour.

The kids have been having a good weekend and I know that they will enjoy having both parents around tomorrow. Hannah particularly does not like being left at childcare - the difference in her when I leave her with her grandparents on Thursdays and child care on Fridays/Mondays just breaks my heart. Still I need to work and I know that she is fine after a little while.

It has been raining here and our little house is feeling rather drab and damp so I hope it fines up tomorrow. No plans outside of soccer viewing so if the sun does make an appearance we may take the brats to the park - they love that.

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Great I see snow in the top one out the window?