Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Evening feeding - not always 'easy' is lots of fun!

One week till holidays. It is a lovely time of year here with winter set in but still lovely sunny days. The brats and I have had a pleasant couple of days together. They love Tuesday playgroup and although Hannah wasn't very co-operative in the picture recognition game she made up for it by signing and participating enthusiastically during story time.

Today I took them out to the DSA to return a few things and browse through the library there. We then called in on their cousins for a bit before going to Hannah's music therapy class. Needless to say by then they were both very tired and so music was not the best class they have had but luckily the therapist is very patient and after seeing them every week for the past 6 months was lenient with them. Hannah still can't 'blow' the horn but she tries every week and eventually I know she will do it. She enjoys the drum and piano more.

When I was pregnant my husband and I had a subscription to see the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. I remember at one gig I said that I wanted one of my babies to learn the cello and the other piano. I also stated that I didn't want either of them to be a musician however - my husband was bit appalled by this as he himself loves playing guitar although not professionally. When pressed I gave my reason - because I want my children to have an easy life - full of love, laughter and grace - and being a professional musician (especially here) would be a hard way to make a living.

So when just a few weeks later we found out that Twin 1 may have DS and definitely had an AVSD - I cried and cried. Her life was not going to be easy - not from day 1. 20 months after their birth - I would have to say that they have a good life. They have lots of fun, love and just enough routine I think to get by on. Hannah does struggle but with such good nature and strong will - she started standing for just a few seconds yesterday and can now walk with me only holding one hand for a fair distance. She does get overwhelmed when in a new environment or if there are a lot of people around because it takes her a bit longer to process all that is happening and I know that she struggles sometimes at child care but overall - are my brats happy? Do they have an easy life? Yes. Absolutely yes - I think that they have a great life - evidenced by their faith in adults, their joy in social situations and the fun they have with each other as well as their self sufficiency in play. I hope it stays that way for them forever.


mum2brady said...

What a beautiful post! I think your children are beautiful, and they have a beautiful life :) I have found that things may not be as easy for Brady, but, if he is doing the things he enjoys (spending time with family, watching movies, reading books, playing cars/trains) he feels a joy my typical children only feel on special occasions :) There is something special that comes on the 21st chromosome in the area of emotions, and the joy I find on Brady's face when he learns a new concept, or feels proud of himself, or is doing something he truly loves is like no other expression. He just radiates :) Thanks for sharing your feelings and experiences with your cuties with me!

Michelle said...

I agree with Christine about this being a beautiful post!

Loved those first 2 pics of Hannah's messy eating :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments...this is a lovely post.