Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back from the Mum's Retreat

Well I did it - left my babies and headed off to the mountains for a weekend. I missed them dreadfully but relaxing and chatting with the other mums was great! I'd highly recommend getting away like that for all mums but especially those of us with children with 'special needs'. I raced home refreshed to be given a fabulous greeting by my little brats. Hannah said "Mum Mum" in a very clear and strong voice - I have been told: 'No going away like that again!' I think.

As expected the twins and their father coped very well without me - although Phil did state how hard it must be for single parents - hats off to you! He took the kids on a picnic and as you can see in the attached pictures everyone had a ball.

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Anonymous said...

Oh these are nice photos, glad you had some mom time :)