Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pop's birthday lunch
Today we went to Nan and Pop's for lunch. It was a cold but sunny winter's day. One brother was missing but otherwise we were all there. It was great to be relax together and to watch the cousins (five in all) maraude together for a while. The aunts were very impressed with Hannah's signing and saying 'more'. I was not so impressed - she was after more salty crackers! Later this week the aunts will be going to a signing evening so hopefully once they know more signs they will be able to encourage the little brat to use all the other signs she knows more often! When I was telling them which signs she does use - I was amazed at the length of the list! The little bear is doing pretty well in communicating. She is also doing well at potty training but is not very clear in the sign as she tends to use 'bath' (the pot being in our bathroom) and says 'baba' which can be mistaken for a number of other words. Still she likes using it and seems to try and wait until I put her on the potty so that is good. It is funny how three little words seem to be all she and Kit really need to get by on - NO, MORE and MINE - all others are bonuses that they include to please us I think.

Three cousins together. It is funny to watch how these three often do the same things - not even copying - it is just that in some situations it must occur to them to each do the same thing!

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Camille said...

I am in love! I've been browsing throug your blog. Your children are adorable!!!
Thanks for sharing...