Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Summer heat

It has been very hot here lately and there are bushfires across the state. Yesterday the brats and I stayed home - except for a small excursion to the local shopping centre for school shoes and lunch. ONe way to keep cool - hang out in airconditioned centres and passionfruit flavoured slushies
Hannah was keen to dance like one of the baby swans in Swan Lake
She has been doing a little reading and sometimes more with me most days so on this day I gave my little swan the gift of a princess tiara after some lovely reading - so she could be Odette - the Swan Princess. She is also hoovering lemon sorbet - her favourite.
Despite the sweltering weather I did manage to finish off a quilt set I was making for Kit as well as the wallhanging he designed and made for himself. The pics aren't the best as I put it up in the spare room - will try and move it into his room next time I clean up in there!
The quilt top:
 Combined effect:
 Kit's wallhanging that he can also use as a lap quilt
 My first pillow case
 Over the Dr now...

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Adelaide Dupont said...


I had a passionfruit slush a few days ago.

The Cat in the Hat hangings and quilts are fantastic.

Hope the Dock is not burning too much or flooding.

Lovely reading and dancing!