Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Country

After visiting the nation's capital we drove down to skiing territory to meet up with another family from the kids's school. We stayed there for a week - by the last day there were 20 kids, 7 couples. It was a very fun and relaxing time. Plenty of exercise and activity for thrillseekers as well as space for some laying about relaxing in the lodge admiring the beautiful scenery of the grassy skislopes.

Hannah found it a bit overwhelming/tiring but was a total trooper as usual - I think she had a lot of fun - she didn't climb to the summit of Mt Kosiosko, the highest place on the continent above sea level but she explored the bushtracks, did some drawing, interacted with a whole bunch of kids and went swimming a couple of times. She has really made some strides - you should have seen her on the play equipment at Questacon and then at the local park near where we were staying. She was so proud of herself too the little brat. It is wonderful watching her confidence grow.
Sculpture walk - Dancing

 Finding the right track
 The tallest boy in Australia
 beauty of the bush
 It was windy on the summit walk
 Reflections in the duck pond
 Flying Fox - finally mastered
 climbing skills
 I conned Kit into accompanying me on a walk one afternoon. We admired the beautiful colours that we saw
 and this gorgeous gold - which had lined the road down too
 At the top

 this is the slide at the pool that Hannah loved going on with her father

 One of my pretties from my solitary walk
 The pool slide - internal shot
 more 'selfies'
It was a lovely holiday. It almost felt like being overseas again because we did so many things we don't usually do on our typical January beach holidays...it cost more too!!!!!

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Michelle said...

Catching up on your blog - looks like you guys are having a great time! Loved the pics of Hannah playing pool!