Sunday, January 13, 2013

Canberra Part II

then we went to Manuka for dinner. The buffet breakfast at The Brassey Hotel was lovely and then we hit Questacon - the Science and Technology Centre. The kids loved it. It is so interactive. The staff were also very good in being able to use their discretion in allowing Hannah to get a ticket to theirs no science room. Technically it is strictly for 0-6 year olds but she is not incredibly big and developmentally she loved it. Watching her on the climbing equipment I enjoyed seeing how her confidence has bloomed - cos her 6 yo self would not have been able to do so agilely.

Now we are at Thredbo and it is 2 degrees. I am looking forward to some awesome nature walks and the company of some fine people who I am lucky to count as friends. They are families from the brats' school.

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