Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Holidays begun

Well this little spot about 2 hours out of Sydney is where our holidays began. A family from school invited us and some other families down for the weekend. The house belongs to the grandparents of one of the twin's friends and they were away so we all moved in. Nestled in the forest with ocean views in the distance and a log fire burning - it was a touch of paradise. The best thing though was the company. We all had a blast. What a great way to start our 'at home' cooking and cleaning holidays! We have met some wonderful and generous people at the twin's school. And here is yet another example of their great spirit and fun...
13 kids. 11 under 7 and only 3 girls - so the dinosaur video was on more than the girls would have liked...lol

Hannah spent a lot of time drawing and writing - the other kids joined her intermittently
Dancing to Abba
Another bush walk

Jumping Jack
Ninja time

At the country fair - it isn't a holiday if Hannah doesn't swing!
Kit thought car surfing on the property was great. Hannah was very keen to tell me that she had ridden in the boot to get up to the walking track - yes how else do 5 Dads get 13 kids in one vehicle to the spot for a bushwalk? (SO glad I wasn't aware until the Mum's returned from the local beauty spa - by which time it was all done and everyone was very happy after a successful outing)
Volleyball game

Kit ran wild with the pack. I hardly saw him except when we drove into town and he was in the car with us and this rare moment when I caught him for a shot cos he was feeling a bit sad over some wee problem between the kids - oh yes - and when he came back from a walk in the rainforest with a leach on him!
The road to the property

Fish and chips by the sea
Collecting shells
and making sand castles in winter
Four free spirits
Four raucous boys on the trampoline
It was only a weekend but we all feel like we had a longer break it was such fun.

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