Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holidays are over

One of Kit and Hannah's old friends from school came over for the day - both kids LOVED having her visit. They had a great day. They used the play doh, jumped on the trampoline, did some paintings and decorated cupcakes and played snakes and ladders... thanks to their parents who entrusted their gorgeous girl to our care....It was interesting watching her stand up to Kit on Hannah's behalf - she is such a bright one and more than gives my loveable but bossy Kit a run for his money... no wonder she is the one I'd like him to marry - yet he does not agree! Clearly she is much too 'equal' for that!
On the weekend Phil did some gardening with a little 'help' from Hannah and a tiny effort from Kit - when he could tear himself away from his pokemon games...and they planted our lemon tree!
My friend's 'puppy' (she's 2) who came and stayed with us for a few days...she was a delight - a lovely nature.
Hannah is such a loving child. She is so well liked by her peers (who are just fantastic) but aside from her two best friends at school - it is still easier for her with slightly older kids - like her buddies at school or molly her lovely cousin...Hannah was so excited to be sharing a bed with Molly - and Molly read her her favourite book Mouse Mess - something that Hannah was very keen on repeating the second night her cousins stayed with us too.... the dog looks pretty happy with the two girls as well.
My niece who is 10 and the second of 4 got to be the adored eldest when she and her little brother (who is the same age as the twins) came to stay for a couple of nights. My guys were in love...
My gorgeous nephew turned 12. Who woulda thought? He's a great kid and a beautiful young man in the making....
Masterchef still reigns supreme here. One of the things I found most difficult in the holidays was that I couldn't nip up t the shops for groceries - I had to drag the twins with me. It doesn't feel right dragging them around supermarkets... still we need to eat! So on payday we did as much of a 'big shop' as I could make them endure... and Kit was totally engaged by grabbing a recipe card at the entrance for his favourite show - a recipe that we then made together that night....
On Thursday I totally forgot to take Hannah to Dancing HEarts - which she absolutely LOVES - I did however remember to take both brats to the park to catch up with my girlfriend and her daughter.

Hannah's favourite piece of equipment in a park full of stuff she LOVES
Kit and my goddaughter enjoy a cuppa (just like a couple of old ladies... or should I say their 'dear olde Mums' lol.
For reasons that I wish I could say I have NO knowledge of, Hannah was quite taken with the idea of a wedding - and in fact played this game for ages a few times in the holidays - the event for her seemed to require flowers and a ring. She didn't seem too fussed about who she married but she did want her family there. {ok. I confess.... it's terrible.... but one of my fave apps - and one Hannah shares with one of her friends each Thursday while their twin brothers are at chess club - is the app Will and Kate - it is a FANTASTIC story - lovely interactive features... you guessed it ... all about the Royal Wedding... Oh the offences this good feminist mother is committing against her poor defenceless, intellectually disabled daughter... I can hardly bear thinking about it except that it was such a wonderful part of my own childhood (thanks Mum!) and I still turned out independent enough to call myself a feminist and keep my name when I got married!) Besides - it is such a great app - you get to dress the bride, hear them say "I Do" watch a sheep chomp on some flowers and hear the 'ker-CHING! when the ring box opens to reveal it's loot.}
Hannah with her bridal bouquet.

I got to go and watch Kit play soccer for the first time this season - because Hannah's dance doesn't start back until next week.
THey still have oranges at half time but boyo - the quantity these kids consumed has at least doubled since last year!
Hannah wasn't so keen on watching the game. I think she found seeing all those boys she knows from school a bit overwhelming after a 2 week break.
the only downside of our holiday was when the mum of Hannah's best girlfriend rang to let me know that she will be taking her daughter out of school in a few weeks time to homeschool her. Hannah loves this little girl and she is just fantastic with little brat... she, Hannah and the effervescent Zachary are a wonderful trio of friendship that has really helped Hannah this year... I hope that they will be able to maintain some level of contact but will have to wait and see... I am grateful that G's Mum rang so I have time to try and work out how to explain it to Hannah. And now... onto term 3 - baby we are half way through Year1!

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