Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to school

I bought some tulips to decorate the house for the weekend. I was organising them in vases while the kids were eating dinner - it was only after I realised that I had a photo of my own journey to Holland with a face smeared with that Italian classic dish: spaghetti bolognese. I liked the idea so here is the pic-

On Friday night both kids decided to read a book while waiting for Masterchef to start. Hannah LOVES Mouse Mess.

On Saturday Hannah was keen for a game of soccer but first she insisted on writing 1 on her shirt...
Phil and I have met many wonderful families through the twins starting school. On saturday we had the parents from our weekend away over for a curry night, plus a couple of extras. Everyone had nominated their idea of the best and worst song of the 80s. We had an absolute blast. These are a great bunch of friends and I feel so lucky to get to know them.
Hannah loves the idea of mermaids at the moment so here she is on Sunday morning cutting and pasting a mermaid picture.
Hannah's ipad has this great app called Pictello which I use for her to show her aid each week. I put a couple of pics of what she's been doing and then we record a conversation about it - so it gives Hannah a bit of speech practice too. Kit made pasta from scratch all by himself. It is something he really wanted to do and was so proud of himself for doing so - and we had a pasta feast for dinner. I took a sequence of pics of the process and he made a story on Pictello too. Gotta love the ipad technology
The term has begun here. Both kids and I were pleased to get back into routine although we had also had a good break. We made sure we enjoyed our weekend when it came - we needed the rest.

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