Monday, June 27, 2011

Pop is 73

Kit's soccer team had a bbq - poor old Hannah - aside form one younger girl (not yet at school) she was the only female - and the testosterone was through the roof!! It was wild... lucky she has good self preservation skills and played on her own very happily for a lot of the time - especially good since that freed Phil and I up to relax and enjoy the great food and company of the other parents. We had a lovely time - and then that night we went out for a 'grown up' dinner with a couple of old friends while the grandparents babysat for us.

The kids all had a blast. Drawing and playing together. Nan and Pop made a lovely curry lunch which we all enjoyed and one of my SILs did a great chocolate cake too
The back stairs are a great place to launch a paper plane from

Meanwhile Grandpa seems to be enjoying his roadtrip - and sent the twins a postcard each and these tshirts.

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