Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Beth's Hannah from Hannah's shenanagins (sp) tells some great jokes - ones that Kit would love too - he was telling me a knock knock joke this week - let me see if I can recall it... Why is 6 scared? Cos 7 "8" 9 - and then he cracked up laughing. The knock knock was something about Boo Hoo I think.... then this morning as I was munching on my toast and jam with a nice long black - and not just any toast and jam either - a beautiful slice of miche loaf from the gourmet Sonoma Bakery and some homemade blood orange marmalade - and I was just in the 'zone' where it was morning bliss before the mad rush out the door to school... Hannah is sitting next to me with her bowl of cereal. She commands me to close my eyes. "No peeking Mummy" she says - and then the little bugger swipes the prized last piece of my breakfast. And she eats slowly - so not only did I have to keep my eyes 'closed' for ages I didn't get my full brekky and didn't finish reading my newspaper either.
I helped in her class today and the spelling words for the week were sn ones - I relished explaining to her what 'sneak' meant.

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