Monday, June 20, 2011

The good life

saffron milkcaps
As part of the schools enrichment program Kit took part in a knight and castle day
While I was relaxing at Solar Springs Dad and Phil took the brats to the park

Hannah chose pink carnations for the bedrooms
Buying a present for C's party meant buying something for Hannah too - she chose an umbrella - cos they have been 'singin' in the rain' at her spec needs dance class
Hannah and her best friend at one of her good friend's birthday parties - this little boy is just gorgeous - and then Kit sat with him at the tigers game the next day.

Hannah and I made a rainbow cake with playdoh
The boys went to Kit's first Tigers game... and Hannah and I had a mother daughter date - we did some butterfly craft - used the wonderful Pictello app to put together a story of her weekend for her teachers aid, ate chips and watched the Princess and the Frog...
Hannah and I enjoyed a gelato at my favourite pasticceria

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