Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping up

I was thinking about the jones's today - Hannah has meant that I rarely get up more than a feeble attempt to compete with them - and hence I have developed a great respect for those that still give it a go. Hannah spends so much of her time - "keeping up" that I am in total AWE.

Today we signed up Kit to a local soccer club. I didn't put Han down - yet another place wehere she has to be accomodated and 'fit in' - I think she has enough on her plate - although judging by the fun she had last night at our informal soccer game ... I made the right decision. She absolutely loved it - but noone really slowed the game down for her at all - even though she really WANTED to get the ball and would have LOVED it - only her father gave her a single go. She had fun though - running wild with the kids. She so wants to be engaged. School has been a great experience for her. She is gaining in confidence all the time - unfortunately the little girl she is most drawn to was having a really off day and was not interested in any other kids much at all. Sigh - well as you and I know - you can't make kids behave like adults - they aren't and this little girl is lovely - she too is struggling a bit with all the adjustments of 'big school' - and she doens't have the complicating 'someting extra' that Han does.

Tonight I talked about a possible dance class for Hannah - a lady we know (who has worked with special olympics and volunteers at the swimming club for kids with disabilities is starting one up near us - R's mother put forward the idea of her daughter (who is Hannah' alltime FAVOURITE being) - coming along as a 'helper'. We will see - I think it's a great idea but don't want to call her up too soon - I'm hoping it's something she'd consider doing for a long time - even when Hannah is a terrible teenager having adventures and meeting boys at the Up Club.

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