Tuesday, February 23, 2010

term 1

Kit's 'favourite toy' for school homework was this plane he made with his Pop out of scraps of timber - how cool is that? You gotta love this kid.
hannah's 'favourite toy' for school homework activity.
A big day at school - the routine kicks in...

Oh dr@t just lost a whole paragraph. Anyways things in the dock are going well. I am back at Uni - studying 'numeracy' which is good but scary. I have arranged to help at the school with Multilit - it is a reading program for kids who need a bit extra help - there is a team of parent volunteers (including my MIL who is starting at the twins school too - she already takes part in a similar program in Redfern). I have the form to say I can help in the kinder classroom one morning a week too. I think that will be fun. I love watching their brains work. The older students I teach generally don't engage their brain or are adept at not showing me that it is 'working' so it is nice to see the young ones giving it a go.

I get to babysit my neice tomorrow while her mother has a radiotherapy appointment - she is at the tail end of treatment and we are all praying for a good report once they test to see how the treatments have gone - given that she was pregnant for a lot of it - she has certainly had an intense 12 months. The baby is her 4th so I am hopeful that she will be like her brother and sleep well on my watch - so I am taking some uni work to look at with me. Then I will have lunch with my SIL which will be lovely - I am enjoying these days where I help out at the school then have a couple of hours free in the afternoon before going to get them.

When she told us she was pregnant I suggested she call the baby Mary Shelley - we could nickname her 'frankie' (for frankenstein) or get her into any Catholic school in Aus - and yep - I bet she regrets ignoring my advice now - Oct 17 - Saint Mary MacKillop - Australia's first.

They are settling into Kindy. The teachers have been keen to talk with hannah's EI team and have implemented suggestions made by them. I am very happy with things so far - we are all learning how to make it work best and I think they are doing a great job so far. Hannah likes going, is gaining confidence in approaching her peers. She is talking more at home and using some words at school - they have been great about using visuals and have spoken to the other children about 'difference' a couple of times - giving them achance ot ask questions about DS and hannah in particualr. I ahve to say that I have been impressed with the gentle care the other children have shown her - and not just the kinders but some fo the bigger kids too. I sent home a letter to all families in Hannah's 'voice' to promote awareness and discussion - and a number of parents have commented on it and many have kept an eye out for Hannah. I am very pleased with this. there is no point pretending she is 'typical' so long as we aim high for her (and we certainly are - this school hasn't had a student with DS before!) Then I think we are all doing our best by her.

At the moent they are discussing toys so to help Hannah talk to the class about her choice (she chose a 'baby' doll that her Grandpa bought ehr) I took some pictures of her playing with her and then asked Hannah the guiding questions as outlined by her teacher - I then made up a little booklet of her answers.

Speaking of 'Graa' He is staying with us for a few months at the moment - a real treat. We all like having him around - and Hannah in particular just LOVES her Graa. Kit too has enjoyed getting Graa to play board games with him each night while I prepare dinner. It is nice to have him here with us. Speaking of which if Graa tries to let Kit win too many - he can't Kit gives him 'help' and 'hints' so that everyone gets a turn at winning. My boy is someone special.

On Sat DH and I took advantage of our live-in Graa and went to see Sexy Tex as the Man in Black at the opera house. It was FANTASTIC. So many songs I remembered from my youth - I have always loved Johnny Cash - and saw him at the horden pavillion in the early 80s when he toured here. During the concert he sang 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' and that brought a tear to my eye - Mum wasn't especially a fan but she liked that song - and indeed it is a beautiful one.

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