Monday, July 13, 2009


"devoted wife and mother ..."
Loved Forever. In God's Care Forever.

I am so proud of my Dad. Here is the photo (slightly edited) he sent me on Saturday afternoon - he said the lady from the cemetry where Mum is buried rang him at 3 - and I bet he was up there at 3.30 to check it out, take his photoes and send them through to his daughters. I sometimes watch him (he is staying with us usually for a week a month at the moment - which I love) and wonder - I can't imagine his grief. He loved my Mum since he was 16. They were thick as theives and rarely needed 'outsiders' for want of a better word - Mum was his best friend and he was hers. In a strange way I hope that one day I do find out how he's feeling though - the grief of a great love indeed - flawed and imperfect no doubt - but then that is what makes it great isn't it? He has marked her passing with grace and love and watches over her children with double devotion since she has gone. We will miss her forever but I know that Dad is counting on being with her again in the future.

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simplycamille said...

Shelley, thanks for sharing all that love with me. The long lasting love of a young couple, their love and devotion for their daughters, and the love of grown children for their parents. Your words bring peace, a sense of belonging, and pride.