Monday, July 20, 2009

Park again...

Well we all survived - last week our family grew from 4 to 7 with my SIL's 3 children coming to stay for a few days. Theya re 10, 8 and 4. It was lots of fun and there were not many altercations at all - in fact I hope they come agian next holidays. We went to the park, walked to the local shops and got some gelato, and on the one windy day we took them to the local indoor playground/centre where they had a ball - 'we' being my ever wonderful MIL, who also took me to see the finalists in Opera Australia's Young Performers competition on Sunday night. That day we went and had lunch with friends who live in the same suburb - and who also have a daughter with DS - so yep - I'd ahve to say it was a good weekend.
It has been lovely here these school holidays. One fine Saturday we took the brats to the park again...

A stage is for dancing
I love you sweetie
Home in time for some dress ups before dinner

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