Wednesday, July 29, 2009

High jinks

From standing on tall buildings and pulling at the branches of an overhanging tree to table top dancing - the twins have been in fine form today.

THings are getting back to normal here this week. Holidays are over. Swimming and music have resumed. So has Hannah's EI playgroup and tomorrow the brats are off to preschool and I have a full day teaching. We have had a great holiday. The kids loved having their cousins to stay. Last weekend was very busy with our annual turkeyfest on Sat followed by the twin's cousins all 3! getting baptised on Sunday. Dad came for a visit and has gone back to QLD tonight. I hope we all have a good term. It ends with the anniversary of Mum's death - I'd like to be with Dad as close to it as I can - I'll ahve to see what I can do.

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