Monday, July 20, 2009

Master Chef

MC Australia finished this week - we have been quite taken with it - it doesn't have the meanness of spirit that some other reality tv shows seem to have - this has been a fun competition where people share and develop passions related to food and cooking. Judges acknowledge the successes of the participants as well as pointing out their errors. My favourite was a young woman called Justine - she was one of the 6 finalists while Kit liked a rather greasy haired serious fello with a hat fetish called Chris - in fact he cried when Chris got eliminated.
Anyways all this tv viewing prompted the following anecdote -
On Saturday I made a delicious dinner of some sort. I had also bought ingredients for a simple meringue and cream dessert. After informing me that his dinner room was full but that he was ready for dessert - Kit set out and put together the dessert - with his own inevitable style. He was quite sure that Chris would like to see it and maybe even eat some one day - when he puts the recipe in his cookbook!!lol.
Chef at work
Photo for Chris

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ah that looks cute and yummy.