Sunday, May 24, 2009

The twins are computer obsessed - we are thinking we need to institute a rule as to how long (maximum) they can spend on it each day - any suggestions I have no idea! Any figure seems rather arbitrary really. I still geta kick out of watching Han on it - she was so keen to be able to use it - and her mouse skills have improved out of sight. She loves our Piglet game. Just recently I got them Green Eggs and Ham and they have found Dora on Nick Jr - both a big success.
Dad was here for the weekend which was lovely. He is looking well and obviously enjoying his promotion at work. Little brat has another ear infection - tomorrow is my very busy day at work plus I have to administer assessment exams to 2 classes so I am hoping her night is ok and I will try and get her to our GP in the afternoon. She has an appointment wth the sleep dr and the dermatoligist dr this week - so she isn't the most popular twin in the house at the moment!
We have all hada good weekend though. On Sat the brats and I went for a walk to our local library with our friends from around the corner - after which we had lunch in a cafe before said friends kindly entertained the twins so I could duck home and get a bit of marking done. Han did well at swimming - DH took her and was mighty impressed to see how she has improved - the little bugger is fearless and was keen to jump into the dive pool off the blocks. Today Dad and I went to mass and then we all went to a local shopping centre for some yum cha.
My SL has just had a diagnosis of breast cancer - so I am hoping to be able to visit her next weekend. it has upset everyone naturally - and we haven't wanted to be too intrusive but at the same time we need to be able to offer our support especially once treatment starts which probably won't be too far away.


Cate said...

I've heard you should limit "screen time" -- computer and tv/movies combined. Can't remember the number though. An hour a day maybe? William really likes the games at

I'm sorry about your SIL. Stupid cancer.

Michelle said...

I second - Kayla loves that site! Your SIL is in my prayers.