Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tomorrow better be good!

Well it is now 5 visits to various drs in 6 days - and I am on a roll. Poor it ahs a horrible fever. he is lethargic and feverish. It breaks my heart - he is my big strong confident little man and I HATE it when he is so sick. Given our early medical experiences I know that DH and I still tend to overreact - come on! Han hd heart surty at 2 months with some nasty post op complications that nearly cost her her life and then on the day we were meant to leave the hospital Kit had a raging temerature - a lumber puncture was taken and - yep - he had menengitis. So when I see him now all flushed and fighting the fever I can't pretend to be rational. Anyways our GP is great and he was very careful in examining Kit - so even though it is scary to watch him I am hopeful taht if he gets a good nights sleep he will soon bounce back into being the very loud and demanding little boy that we all know and love. Visiting my SIL tomorrow with him is pretty mucha decided 'NO' cos she starts chemo next week and I don't want to risk him passing on any germs to her or her family. So movie day in the Dock tomorrow I guess.

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Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

What a time you've all been having Shelley! :( You all are in my thoughts - I hope some sunshine heads your way quickly!