Monday, May 25, 2009

Another conversation with Kit

Kit called my Mum Nin Nin - a variation on the fact that we called our Grandmother Nin.

I am lying on my bed wearing a costume jewellery poodle brooch that I bought when on holidays in Melbourne - the year I was pregnant with th twins. Kit wanders in, lies down next to me and starts to fondle the brooch. He looks at it carefully. Then with his lovely solemn eyes he says:

"Mum, this brooch reminds me of Stella (that is our poodle)."
Yes it reminds me of her too sweetie.
"It reminds me of Nin Nin too."
(Now at this I am a bit perplexed - I think Mum might come and haunt me or him for that one so I ask Why is that sweetie?"
he thinks a bit and then gives the reply that I know Nin Nin would have just loved:
"Cos she liked sparkly things dind't she Mummy?"
Yes she did sweetie, yes she did. I say witha big smile.

My Mum sure loved sparkly things. Especially her beautiful diamond cluster ring that she was so proud of and that I wear almost every day. Yes she would have loved to hear that chat. I hope she did.


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Oh my! What a sweet conversation. I bet she most definitely heard it.

simplycamille said...

And this is how the circle of life keeps on going...
I am also proudly wearing my father's ring and our parents are living through our children, what a wonderful feeling!!!