Sunday, December 21, 2008


We went to a friend's 3rd birthday party yesterday. Fairies and Pirates. There were lots of kids we didn't know there. Hannah just loves the swings. She had been having a ball swinging with R - the 12 year old (yep - she had her birthday a couple of weeks ago!)that is Hannah's hero. She then set off wandering around the playground - there were two kids parties on so it was pretty wild. R was swinging, my DH and R's mother were over keeping an eye on our 4 and a few other kids. Hannah walked right in front of the swing. DH says she didn't get knocked down, she is so light she literally flew through the air and crashed back to the ground. The first I knew was DH carrying Hannah over to me at the food tables and the anxious gesture he made for me to come to help him. She was crying - she'd had a HUGE scare and got a split lip in the process. R was over on a bench crying with her mum. My poor girls. DH said he just felt sick seeing it - he'd thought she might need an ambulance at first. Thank god kids are so tough. Really ... thank you God! A lot of cuddles and soothing words and both girls were soon off playing together. I noticed that as they went past the swings R grabbed Hannah's hand and kept her real close. Me? I gave her extra hugs and cuddles all night long.

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Tommy's mommy said...

Oh Hannah! I'm so sorry to hear that you got a real bad owie. It's so hard to understand about those swings. Even at 4 or 5 I think my nephews are still trying to run past a swing that is going and get clocked. Hope you are feeling just dandy today tho.