Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fluff Piece - an insult to intelligent discussion

yup - very unhappy to have my relaxing read of the Sunday paper and a cuppa ruined by this trite inaccurate and out of date piece of drivel. Why was it offensive to me? (the link is in the title of the post - should you have the inclination to read for yourself) First it accepts without any question and PROMOTES the concept that good public policy would aim to 'halve' the birth of children with the 'incurable genetic condition' aka Down Syndrome. Yup - that in itself is offensive. There is more to disagree with - bad writing, unbalance, a total deficit of critical thinking or analysis on the part of the 'journalist' who cobbled it together. Statistics that are debateable and the inital totally RIDICULOUS claim that less people with T21 is a good thing. Hmm Not at all happy Louise!

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Tommy's mommy said...

Unbelievable. Grrrr. I just hate, hate the testing. Heavy sigh. Thanks for posting the article. I almost want to write their editor.