Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My favourite Christmas present is Sophie - the red headed doll - who speaks Italian and English - a perfect gift for my redhead who is reading her stories in this picture - givent hat we live in the midst of Sydney's sizable Italian community.
Hannah loves the skipping rope that Santa brought her - although I think it will be a while before she can actually 'skip' with it - it is great for her practising jumping and she and Kit use it in lots of other imaginative ways.
Ben 10
You know the movie where the parents trawl through the shopping centres desperately searching for "the" Christmas present - with no luck as they are all sold out - well P and I have now realised that that is not a ridiculous scenario at all! On the day before Christmas my DH drove from one side of Sydney to the other in search of an omnitrix. Both brats wanted one - it was high on the list. When you have a daughter who doesn't talk much and is generally a bit shy with strangers - answering "What is Santa getting you for Christmas?" from shop assistants with the action of an omnitrix and saying "m.. tri ..x!" You do what you can - lucky just as we were about to give up - I remembered an anime shop just down the road - and YAY !!!! apparently they are 'old' - 2nd edition not the latest - but our 4 year olds think they are the bees knees and that is all that counts for us!

Kit's new shoes
I love the joy on the faces in this photo - I believe Hannah is 'good for the soul' - and I think Grandpa agrees!
Picnic with friends and family
We bbqed bacon and egg rolls - yummy! Kit enjoyed a vigorous game of soccer with friends
Hannah loves having Grandpa to push her on the swings
Santa brought Hannah a big bike - which she loves. I think it will take her a little while to work the peddles though!
and now in a time old cliche - it is New Years Eve and I am off to an appointment at the gym I am planning on joining - let's hope it works! Happy new year!


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I love all of the pictures! Dominic is a big Ben 10 fan too.

Katie said...

that bloody watch!!! Liam was DESPERATE for one, couldnt find one anywhere!
Gorgeous Pics!!