Monday, July 14, 2008

Week One Holidays

Ballet? Maybe next year!

Well the first week of the school holidays is behind me. I spent the Monday busily cleaning and enjoying my new house. Then Tuesday - disaster struck - a nasty runny nose and sore throat, headaches ... yup - no joy there. I cancelled the lunch I was meant to have woth friends and hunkered down with the brats for a quiet day. They were fantastic. On Wed I was feeling a bit better so we did some painting together and made some scones. Thursday we had a friend and her little boy for lunch and then another couple of friends for dinner - so yep Kit is catching some sleep between visitors int he top photo! We had a busy weekend - with a birthday party for my nephew Hamish on Saturday and a party for Kit's friend from Ella yesterday. I think the kids have had a nice 'holiday' even though we haven't gone anywhere and money is tight so we haven't indulged much either!


~Melissa~ said...

Looks the holiday is going well. I love her braids - so cute!!

Katie said...

Hannah looks so cute in braids!!
Glad your enjoying the holidays, we havnt done anything either, toyed with the idea of going to the snow but its way to busy and we can just glimpse it on the mountains from here anyway, thats almost good enough!
take care, glad your feeling better.

jotcr2 said...

Your two are growing up so fast. Hannah is looking very cool with her hair like that. She seems to have lost her baby rolls, and is a little girl now. Have been busy lately, but nice to see that you are all going well, and that you've finally moved.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Hi Shelley!

Your kids are so cute!!! Thank you for praying for my Kennedy during her surgery! I have added you to my google reader and I'll be back!!