Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Friends I have been slack in checking blogs and keeping up with this one. I hope now we have moved and almost unpacked that things will be better. I have been thinking about the importance of friends lately - I know I have been neglecting too many online friends who I love to read about.
The twins have been offered 2 days at the local preschool next year. I say offered but it feels more like 'won' as places are so tight here. It is attached to the local state primary so the preschoolers get to go to assemblies, see the bigger kids and interact at differetn times - in other words a great opportunity to transition them to primary school - especially Hannah to mainstream world.
I hope she makes a friend or two there. I know how important friends have been to me. I can name a number of them who have been very improtatn to me at different times in my life. I often wonder what life would be like if I had 2 'tyipical' children - I'd miss out on all the wonderufl friendships that i have made as a result of Hannah's diagnosis - and Lord knows that reminds me all the itme how improtant it is to have friends.
Hannah plays with other kids and sees them around a lot but it is really only Rosani (in the top photo) that I would see as a genuine friend. The others are kids she knows, runs with, parallel plays with - but Rosani - there is a bond there - a communication that is just for the two of them - and it is so gorgeous to watch. Rosani's parents are very good friends of ours but the girls clearly love each other - something that is not just a fruition of their parents encouragement or proximity - they LIKE being with each other - just as they are. And how lucky are we that our new house is just around the corner form Rosani, Subash and their parents?? Today another good friend visited with her little one - Sasha - and Hannah was more assertive in trying to draw her into play (Sasha is 14 months - my goddaughter) so maybe there will be another similar friendship for Hannah. I hope Hannah finds a few more friends like that at preschool.

The new house is FANTASTIC. Lots of families around with kids going to the local schools.
The deck and yard are great. The twins have already spent more time in the yard - just because it is so attached to the thouse - not set away from the back doors or living areas as it was in the rental.

Getting the new lounge room set up

Unpacking the kitchen

My FIL turned 70 and had a bit of a bash - here is Hannah in her party dress for Pop's Party.

The kids playhouse has been set up in the backyard.

We're all loving the island in our kitchen - it is command centre - from which all orders are issued and where reports on the day are lodged. I finally - at age 40 - have my first dishwasher - Lovin it.

Reading to the brats before bedtime.

Kit and Hannah just love their friends Rosani and Subash. In fact Rosani is the only 'friend' or other child that Hannah has that I know she sees as a friend and loves to spend time with and reciprocal in her actions with. Kit has Rosani, Subash and a little boy he has been friends with from childcare - Toby on his freinds list.

Plaits - the other day I gave Hannah her first set - she thought she was pretty cute - and she was right!!


~Melissa~ said...

Glad you are getting settled. The twins are as cute as ever!

Cate said...

Nice to hear an update! The kids are gorgeous (as always). And enormous!

The house looks great. We just put a similar counter in our kitchen and have been using it nonstop. I like your chairs a lot.

Tommy's mommy said...

I've been checking your blog often and sad each time I didn't see an update. I needed a Hannah and Kit fix!

Great photos and wow you have been busy! Thanks for the update.