Monday, July 21, 2008

My parents came to stay for the last week of the holidays. Our third bedroom is full of boxes and my mum is quite invalided so we gave them our bed and slept in the twins room - they thought it was fantastic - musical beds at every turn. We put an air matress down between their two beds. It was lovely to see the folks. I hadn't seen them since Christmas. The twins loved it too. We went for a couple of shopping excursions - Mum has one of those motor scooters to get around with. Her health was quite good until Friday when her sugar was low. She and Dad drove home (a 12-14 hour trip) in one go on Sat and she was not well - last night Dad got a doctor to come visit - he gave her an injection because he said that she had a lot of fluid build up. This morning Dad called the ambulance - she has pnuemonia and at the moment her heart is racing and we are waiting for the cardiologist to see her. My sister who lives in brisbane near them is home sick - her little boy is also sick and she'll probably have to take him to the dr tomorrow. So Dad is at the hospital all alone. At Christmas he at least had my sister with him. He must be so worried. Last time she went into heart failure and they were asking Dad whether they should rescuitate her should she go into heart failure again. I hope he doesn't have to face that sort of decision again.

My mum is an amazing woman. I have always had a very close relationship with her. Mentally she is as agile as ever. And boy she can be so hornery! I am typing this filling in time till I hear the next call from Brisbane. Let's hope it's good news.


~Melissa~ said...

That's a lot going on Shelley. Eek :( Everyone is in my prayers and I hope you get some news soon!

Michelle said...

Keeping your mom in my prayers; hope you got good news to how she is doing!