Sunday, July 06, 2008


Hannah started signing and moved on to single words really well - years ago. Then as we wanted her to move onto two word utterances she seemed to slow. I ahve been focusing on getting ehr to say more than one word - and she does - but mostly at home and often with a prompt. She ahs been getting better - ie - fewer times I have had to indicate what I want her to say by beginning the sign (such as milk, please Mummy). At the same time as this was happening - her hearing tests were getting worse. Grommets, tonsils and adenoids aren't necessarily done automatically here - so she had her first set of grommets 2 weeks ago - after showing at hearing tests that her hearing was getting worse at each test. Her speech thorugh this was still improving but SLOWLY.

Last night she came running out of the bathroom after her bath, all exctied (sqeaky clean with atowel wrapped afrpund ehr after her bath) calling "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy!!" as she does. I was in the kitchen tidying up. I knelt down, cuddled her, inhaled her gorgeous scent and as usual said "What Hannah?" Using the Hanen technique, I waited for her reply. ... "Iloveyou Mummy!"
Wow - it was so exciting!! I yelled for P who was getting Kit out of the bath and she repeated her words int he same excited voice. BLISS - I don't think I've ever heard those words sound so good. I love you too sweetie pie.

It was totally unexpected. It isn't a phrase I've been drilling for her to say - but it is something I sayt o her and her brother every day, without thinking about it much at all. How sweet it is to hear from my little girl.

Otherwise all good. I am on school holidays. My folks are visitng form QLD int he second week so that will be good. Kit came with me yesterday to the growers markets in Pyrmont. He had a ball and was lots of fun. Then we went to the park with another family who live nearby and have a daughter a year older than the twins who has DS too. SO everyone had a lot of fun.

Today I am baking 2 cakes - one for the family gathering tonight and one for P to take to work tomorrow for some celebration can't recall what exactly!). Have a good weekend.


Michelle said...

You have every right to be ecstatic! It's especially wonderful when they say "I love you" on their own, not as a reply to it being said. Just melts a mom's heart!

~Melissa~ said...

Yay!! That is just so cool!

Katie said...

Oh thats fantastic!!! im getting happy tears.. Congratulations Hannah, a new milestone!