Monday, February 11, 2008


Reading Brady's mum write about how well Brady learns in an inclusive setting reminded me that I need to update on the twins' swimming.

I rang and spoke to the person in charge of lessons - she seemed really nice - asked whether I thought Hannah could be taught in a class with other children. There was a spot for the two of them (with 2 other kids). She said how the instructor was nice and would be good with Hannah. If I found that it wasn't working for Hannah we could look at giving her one on one lessons on a Wed morning in the special needs program.

It all sounded good so I was very optimistic when we arrived at our first class. OOPS - you would think I would remember this by now but no - after all the discussions, the thinking etc Hannah was absolutely fine - went straight into the water, followed her teacher's instructions and was only a little distracted sometimes. Kit - sat on the edge and refused to budge - hey at least he didn't scream and when I bribed him with the promise of a treat if he at least did one of the things the teacher asked, he complied.

They have now been for 2 lessons and both really like it. After her first one Hannah was really happy. When my MIL and I took them swimming on our own a day or so later - she was clearly indicating to me that she did not need me hovering quite so close thank you! She knows what to do! Last week the instructor asked me what I wanted to do. She will progress more rapidly in a special class on her own but he also said that he was happy to keep her with him - it would just mean slower progress.

I opted to keep her with him. I don't need her to be the next Ian Thorpe or Karen Gaffney, much as I admire those people. I just want her to do typical things with other kids and now before the differences form tougher barriers is the time when she can just do that. Any kid would learn faster if they had one on one instruction. The other kids and their mums are really nice and accepting. We are going to be paying for her swimming lessons for years so that doesn't really matter. In the end I decided to keep her in the mainstream even though it means she won't learn to swim as quickly because it isn't just about swimming. If Kit becomes ready to move up to the next group and she is still way behind then I might investigate these special lessons again - just so that she can cram in before moving up to be in the same class as her brother again. I hope that is the right decision. They looks so cute in the water - I will try and take some photoes to post.


~Melissa~ said...

It sounds like a good decision to me!

Michelle said...

That's great to hear the lessons are going so well for both of them!

By the way; I passed an award on to you :)

Jen said...

Yep, sounds like you did the right thing to me. No reason to treat her any differently unless the situation calls for it, right? Sounds like she's doing great!