Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have been thinking about swimming and I have 'a plan'! Hope it works - the pool has holiday lessons - 5 days for 30 minutes each time so I will try and get Hannah a special needs program for then and Kit and I will free swim together as he doesn't need an intensive lesson experience. It may help Hannah stay in the regular swim class. The program coordinator is very good so it should work out.

We put an offer in for a house on Sat - should hear back in the next couple of days so we are anxiously waiting. This whole house buying gig is horrible. Lots of places here are for auction and it can be really hard to predict what they will sell for - so we went for the rpeauction offer and if they reject it then we know they are hoping for at least $20 k more - which we don't have. SIGH! I hope we find something soon.

The twins ahve moved into the older group - Beeboppers - for music. They really love it although I can see Hannah will find it a bit harder in the future she is still coping very well. Today is EI and swimming. Plus I have to get my act together so we can walk up the road to get something for dinner and particularly for tomorrow night's dinner as we will have the extended family over for dinner. I hope everyone is well and that you have a good day.

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