Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Missing You

Jillian wrote a post on whether your blog reveals the real you - or rather how much are you like your blog? I have to say that give or take some stuff I don't put on here - what you see is what you get. It made me think of how I enjoy reading certain blogs - of how strangers can be strangers and friends at the same time.

I still wander over every now and again to see if Em from 3 X 3 has returned to blogland and last night I tried to visit Rebecca at A Little Something Extra only to find her gone - and The Quiet Storm also. Rebecca's Always Chaos was one of my first intros to the online DS community - and I haven't looked back - except for occassions like these when I notice that like in life sometimes our paths cross with those of exceptional people and then they diverge again. Sometimes we are lucky to meet up with them again later in our travels, sometimes not. Like the people I have lost contact with in 'real life' I will think of these online friends from time to time for years to come I am sure and wish the God Speed whereever they are.


~Melissa~ said...

It's sad when people leave :( I know Rebecca is taking a break from the internet. I miss her too!

Michelle said...

Yep, like Melissa said Rebecca shut down her blogs and is taking a break ... I do miss reading about her life w/Ms E and her other kids though.

Beth said...

I miss her, too.
I do so enjoy checking in with you and your two adorable "brats" though!