Monday, October 29, 2007


Presents - I love them. Reading the marvellous book Gifts made me think about present giving and receiving a bit more - especially given I have just survived (I think) the merrygoround of our October birthdays.

Thinking back the best presents I have ever received:
An opal triplet bracelet that my husband bought for me when we were 18 and first dating. He had to save up so long to buy it and then I lost it when I was out shopping one day.
The shortie pajamas that my grandmother (Nin) used to make us all each Christmas. She was a pensioner - and a lot of love and skill went onto those pjs.
The pearl necklace that belonged to my husband's mother that he gave to me on my 21st birthday, not very long after his mother had died from cancer.
The Singer sewing machine that my folks gave me about 15 years ago - Dad had picked it up at a second hand shop. Also the all in one vertical record player (ghettoblaster) they got me when I was a teenager and that I still have stored in the garage despite P wanting me to get rid of it.

One of the things that marks out the above presents is that they were given with love, great thoughtfulness and sometimes sacrifice by people that I love very much. Gifts is such a book. The generosity of spirit demonstrated by each story, the honest telling of personal stories is wonderful - Thank you so much to all the contributers and the people who helped to put it all together - it is great - I love it. I was so excited when the bookshop rang to say my order had arrived. I read it avidly over the weekend and was not disappointed. Special thanks has to go to the wonderful contributions of Jennifer, Beth and Michelle - you are amazing women. I will definitely be recommending this one to any new Mums I hear about.


~Melissa~ said...

It's a fantastic book isn't it?

Michelle said...

oh I'm so glad your local bookstore was able to order this for you and that you enjoyed it so much!

jotcr2 said...

I haven't read it or heard of it. Adorable photo on the front sleeve.

Beth said...

Thanks Shelley.
I have read and re-read that book so many times! I think one of my favorites is the story about Alex going to his 8th grade dance.